BTS' ‘Permission to Dance’ includes sign language choreography


Shortly after BTS dropped the music video for their Ed Sheeran collab “Permission to Dance,” several fans were quick to notice that it features special choreography: sign language!

According to Twitter user @teokminnie, who translates Korean into English and Japanese for the ARMY community, the movement of scratching the body with the thumbs out and the other fingers half-bent means “fun,” and using one palm as a stage with two fingers of the other hand moving from side to side means “dance.”

Of course, making a V with both hands is a symbol meaning “peace.”

“The ‘Permission to Dance’ music video features a ‘special’ choreography. It is a performance using international sign language*, and the movements which mean ‘to have fun’, ‘to dance’ and ‘peace’ are connected together.” + — ?? ????????? ?? (@tteokminnie) July 9, 2021

“The ‘Permission to Dance’ music video features a ‘special’ choreography. It is a performance using international sign language*, and the movements which mean ‘to have fun’, ‘to dance’ and ‘peace’ are connected together.” + — ?? ????????? ?? (@tteokminnie) July 9, 2021

Soo Choi, an ARMY account with 1.2 million followers, gave a few examples from the music video. Many others were quick to point out in the replies that aside from being inclusive of the hearing-impaired, the “Permission to Dance” music video also features people from different ethnicities and ages.

Their choreography has “International Sign languages”

Dance, ????Joyful (Happy) ???? and Peace ?? @BTS_twt #PermissiontoDance — Soo Choi ???? Permission to Dance (@choi_bts2) July 9, 2021

They made the message accessible for everyone, also the diversity in the MV. BTS are legends!! — mia ???? ?? ∞ ?? ??????ª? ??? ??? ???????????????? ??????????????? (@Borahaepurplely) July 9, 2021

Aside from the music video, BTS did a special livestream on Friday, featuring “Butter,” “Spring Day,” and the performance premiere of “Permission To Dance.”

In addition to acknowledging the hardships brought by the pandemic through their songs, BTS' special choreo has given people more reasons to dance.

We stan an inclusive and compassionate idol group!

—MGP, GMA News

BTS release Permission to Dance, song in English to celebrate anniversary of their fandom, Army


BTS give themselves “permission to dance” on their single released on Friday. Their third English-language song, it was co-written by Ed Sheeran. Photo: Hybe

BTS' “Permission To Dance” Choreography Is More Meaningful Than You Thought


BTS has another hit on their hands! On Friday, July 9, the septet dropped their “Butter” physical CD, featuring their No. 1 single of the same name, as well as a never-before-heard song called “Permission to Dance,” which Ed Sheeran co-wrote. The guys released a music video for their latest track as well that’s got fans talking on Twitter. Out of all the details included in the new visual, ARMYs love the sign language in BTS' “Permission To Dance” choreography the most.

BTS gave fans a preview of the song on July 6 by sharing a 30-second teaser video. The clip began with Suga at a laundromat reading a newspaper about the pandemic being over next year. “2022: THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA GOODBYE COVID-19,” the headline read. As he made his way over to the other members, the camera panned out to reveal BTS was in the middle of a desert wearing denim outfits, bandanas, leather boots, and cowboy hats.

Fans were already in love with the group’s concept, and now that their “Permission To Dance” video has arrived in full, they’re eating it up even more. They appreciate how the MV features a diverse cast from all walks of life. When everyone came together to dance at the end of the video, the message behind the song was clear: Music helps bring people together.

Fans were also blown away to discover there’s sign language in BTS' “Permission To Dance” choreography. According to a translation by @BOMHARU1230 on Twitter, the choreography “incorporates international sign language that means ‘fun’ ‘dance’ and ‘peace’. Scratching their body while raising the thumb and slightly bending the rest of the fingers means ‘fun’. Moving 2 fingers side to side on top of the palm of the other hand as a stage represents ‘dancing’ and lastly making ‘V’ sign means ‘peace.’”

Check out ARMYs’ reactions once they saw this part of BTS’ choreography:

The guys are set to give their debut TV performance of the song during their two-night takeover on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on July 13 and 14. In the meantime, you can watch the boys perform it at the end of their “A Butterful Getaway” comeback special on YouTube.

Stay tuned, ARMYs!